Business Formation and Administration, Commercial and Real Estate Transactions

  • Purchase and sale of residential real estate
  • Buy/Sell of commercial property or business entities
  • Real Estate disputes

The firm’s principal, Mark Bosler, has represented clients in residential and commercial real estate transactions, both purchases and sales, since his early days as an attorney with a legal service plan over twenty years ago. Through the markets up and downs, he has continued to represent Clients in such matters to the present day. Since his early days, Mr. Bosler has obtained an advanced degree in corporate and finance law from Wayne State University upon which he has broadened and developed his expertise in business law and commercial transactions. As a result, the firm is able to provide assistance and representation in a variety of legal matters in such areas, whether preparing and/or reviewing documentation in connection with a transaction such as Buy/Sell Agreements, Purchase Agreement, Deeds, Affidavits, etc.; whether assisting Clients with the formation, organization and administration of business entities including corporations, llcs, and other; or whether representing Clients in disputes evolving out of or relating to such matters.