Taxation, Criminal Defense and Traffic

TAXATION (IRS audits, collection, etc.):

Bosler Law Office, PLLC has successfully represented many Clients before the IRS in audits and collection actions involving individual income taxes.  If you have received a notice from the IRS regarding such a matter, you owe it to yourself to hire an experienced and knowledgeable attorney to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service.  Mr. Bosler has also been admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court since 1986.


  • Felony Charge
  • Misdemeanor charge
  • Driving related offenses

What Clients can count on in such matters is vigorous representation from an experienced attorney along with a concern for the Client’s desire for privacy. Every effort is made to obtain a favorable resolution for the Client using the resources available to minimize the effects and inconvenience that such cases bring with them. Over the years, experience has been acquired in negotiating before charges are filed, arraignments, preliminary hearings, motions (including suppression motions), jury trials and post-trial proceedings.

Although the firm’s principal, Mr. Bosler, has been involved in hundreds of cases throughout his career at both the trial court and appellate levels, notable or precedent setting cases in which he has been involved include the following:

People v. Jobson, Michigan Court of Appeals #302124 (2011)
Outcome: Conviction vacated

People v. Claypool, Michigan Supreme Court Case #122696
Outcome: Case was remanded for re-sentencing

We recognize that our Clients have varied legal problems which may not be limited or confined to the specific practice areas listed. Other areas in which we may consider and accept cases on a cases-by-case basis include the following:
Divorce and/or property division
Taxation (IRS audits,
In some instances, your legal matter may not fall neatly into one of the listed areas. In other instances, while we may not be able to assist you directly in obtaining legal redress on a particular matter, we may be able to direct you to resources or other professionals who can assist you with such matters. For that reason, we invite new or prospective Clients to consider calling our office to discuss their matter and determine whether we can be of more assistance or provide legal representation. See our Contacts page for contact information.